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Classy Ladyboy Masturbating On Her Heels

Ladyboy Areeya Masturbating On Her Heels

Being classy isn’t about being a stuck up bitch or cold and unattainable. Being classy is about doing just the opposite.

A classy girl like me knows how to tease AND please her man.

A classy girl knows how to make guys hot, and let them know if they’re good or very very bad.

I let them know my smooth tanned ass is theirs to eat and fuck all night..that’s what we both want, right?

Another thing about being classy is knowing what to wear and how to wear it.

This long white dress with matching white panties might look conservative, but watch how I show off my long smooth legs and keep flashing you my rock hard cock, waiting for you to take me back home, lift up my skirt and fuck me over the couch..

Do you know how to treat a classy girl? I certainly hope so..

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Ladyboy Areeya masturbates with dildo up her ass.


Areeya finds herself alone, with no man to keep her warm, so she wraps up her naked body inside her winter coat.

Once she is warm and snuggled up in her coat she grabs a beer and plays with her pet kitty.

Areeya gets her self in the mood for some self-pleasure by watching some porn and uses her favorite golden vibrator up her cute shemale ass.

Areeya masturbates with her dildo sex toy inserted up her ass and imagines that she is being fucked by someone with their cock inside her shemale pussy.

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Secretary Areeya Dressed For Office Seduction

Secretary Areeya in slutty boots and stockings teases you to hardness - areeya-secretary

If you could dress your secretary anyway you wanted, I am sure you would put her in a hot outfit just like this one.

I am wearing an amazing black skirt that almopst paints my ass it’s so tight.

Sexy red boots, net stockings, and a top that is sure to make your cock hard during our one on one meeting.

When you see me take off my glasses and give you that look of interest, you’ll know I am ready to take some dictation.

Only thing is the dictation I prefer involves your throbbing cock.

I think tonight we will have to stay after hours and get some very very hard work finished!

Let’s get started then shall we?

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Ladyboy Areeya flashes her tits from the balcony


Ladyboy Areeya enjoys living in Thailand as it is such a beautiful place to live. One afternoon she was hanging out on the balcony, soaking up some sun rays in her sexy little outfit.

The view of the mountains and the town below was simply breathtaking and as Areeya watched the people below she had and idea. Feeling naughty she flashed her ladyboy titties and cute candy cock for all to see.

Just doing that made Areeya’s shecok grow hard from the excitement of it all, which you can see in this video from Areeya’s World.


Ladyboy Areeya’s Sexy Office Seduction

Ladyboy Areeya says, ‘I am getting a little tired of you working so much in your home office, so tonight I thought I would sweep all those business papers off that desk and get your attention with my new mesh outfit and very naughty black boots.

‘If you still play hard to get then I will have to remind you just how flexible my sexy body is. When I pull my legs behind my head and give you a dirty view of my perfect ass and my cock getting stiff between my legs, you’d better get yourself over to the desk in a big hurry.

‘If you still resist, well I might have to take drastic measures and spread myself wide open, no one can say no to that!

‘Tonight I am the boss and you are under review, so put down those papers, switch off the PC and cum show me how much you appreciate my sexy body…’

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Ladyboy Areeya’s Pink Perversion


Ladyboy Areeya finds the color pink is such a turn-on, so on this occasion she dressed up in her colorful pink outfit, wearing sexy hot fishnet stockings that made her feel like a slut.

When she drops her panties, she just has to take a sniff of them and smell the sweet odor of her own sex. The smell of her own shecock got her in the mood for something a little more intense, and she starts to play with a hot pink vibrator.

She sucked on it gently imagining it was a real cock, then lies back, grabs her high heels and slowly inserts the vibrator into her tight, lubricated ebony asshole!

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Ladyboy Areeya funky house DJ


Besides rocking your world in the bedroom, Ladyboy Areeya is also as a bit of a DJ and likes to rock the house party.

Check Areeya with her tits out as she plays with the nobs on this ultra hot CD mixer. Areeya says,

‘Imagine me at the nightclub, rubbing my big titties on the wheels of steel, while squeezing my cute ladyboy girlie-stick between those headphones…I just love getting nasty with technology!’

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Areeya the Ladyboy Spy Who Loves You!

Ladyboy Areeya is the sexy Asian spy who loves you long time. About this photoset she says,

‘I am a peeping ladyboy today. I was just looking out my window with my binoculars and happened to see you across the way. I didn’t mean to look in your windows but you are so very cute and sexy and the thrill of being caught has got me so excited.

‘Wow, it looks like you are looking at me as well. Are you interested in a little strip game?

‘One piece of clothing you remove gets one from me. I am getting horny seeing you with your shirt off and I know that bulge in your jeans is from seeing me in my sexy black and white bra and panties.

‘Will you come over and visit when our naughty game is over?’

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Ladyboy Areeya Strips Out of White Skirt and Lingerie


Ladyboy Areeya dressed as a cute, sexy little angel in white lingerie, leggings, see through skirt and perspex ‘fuck me’ heels.

Areeya was in the mood for a bit of romance and a relaxing evening in, with a nice hot bath and a bottle of champagne.

She slowly removed every item of clothing from her smooth, ebony body, and poured champagne over her shecock. The bubbles felt so good as the champagne ran down her prick that she got nice and hard.

Areeya imagines her lover licking the champagne off her sexy body while she fondles her cute hairless balls with her long, sexy red nails.

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Ladayboy Areeya’s office pantyhose striptease.

Ladyboy Areeya strips out of her office suit and down to her pantyhose at Areeya’s World

Areeya strips out of her smart office suit, shows you her pantyhosed ass and plays with her cock at Areeya’s World.

Areeya says, ‘I can be much more then just a naughty girl. I could very well be your brand new personal assistant.

‘Think of all those long nights that we would have to spend together in your office while we work on an overdue project. I have a pretty good idea why you are late with your new business plan with me in the room.

‘Working all day in the office can get a bit boring, so I often think of having sex with you, it makes me feel extremely horny.

‘If you see me slide my hands down my pantyhose and press my lips gently together with my pen in my mouth, you’d better throw me on the desk or couch and have your way with me because I need your big cock. So let me just slip out of my tight skirt and lets get down to it, right here in the office, cum’on.

‘Oh and just remember, make sure to take me on all your business trips…. and yes, it is ok to only book one hotel room!’

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